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Friday, April 18, 2014

Dot Dog

It is safe to say cloth shorts are the love of my life. Although my Dad consistently asks why I wear boxers in public, these cloth shorts are here to stay. They also follow the 3 C's (comfy,cheap,cute) and that's the best combination possible. Bunny ears are not a common piece in my wardrobe but with Easter a few days away, I figured, Why not?

PC: Chloe 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coachella Ready: not bound

Unfortunately, I will not be attending the coachella music festival. These shorts are easily my favorite thing at the moment and the scalloped edge gives it a bit of girly flare. If it wasn't 50 degrees outside while I was taking these pictures I wouldn't wear the tights but I have to be semi-practical. This outfit was inspired by my friend Alayna. (her twitter here)

PC: Chloe

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Essentials: Airport

Untitled #163

I swear whenever it comes to trying to decide what is essential to carry on a plane, I cannot decide. Depending on the length of the flight what you need varies but here is what I would require for 5- hour flight. The flight I will be taking is only two hours and all of these things seem adequate to take. I'm quite excited to visit sunny Arizona, due to the fact Utah decided snow is acceptable. I have no makeup products in my bag except maybe a tinted lip balm, because it's extremely bad for your skin to be so high up in the air with a full face of makeup on. I hope you guys find this useful, and hopefully while in the sun I'll find some inspiration for spring outfits!